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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Over the past years, Ms. Bills has struggled with accomplishing her number one goal of becoming a homeowner. No matter how hard she tried, it felt like there was always something or someone holding her back. Her low credit score was not helping her and moving from place to place showed instability and poor rental history. Ms. Bills’ situation turned for the worse, her car got stolen which caused her to lose her job as a forklift operator; her optimism toward her future was being tested.

In her efforts of getting a family home, Ms. Bills had taken first time homeowner classes at least three times, hoping and praying that she could purchase a home. She just could not seem to find the source of all her problems, and before she knew it, she slipped into poor health with depression. Just when she thought things could not get any worse, her youngest daughter was diagnosed with a long term and life changing health issue. Having a special needs daughter was truly an eye opener for Ms. Bills, she realized that she was the only one in her children’s lives who could provide them with a safe and stable home they deserve. Her health conditions had improved and her renewed spirit helped her focus on what was important for her children.

For the past three years of her life, she has worked extremely hard in rebuilding her credit score, she paid off her mini-van and stabilized her living arrangements to build an excellent rental status. She received her CDL’s and is proud to be working for Columbus City Schools as a bus driver. As a member of East Columbus Development Company’s “RICH” IDA Program, she became more financially literate and a habitual saver. She completed Financial Fitness classes, and the First-Time Homebuyers classes. Ms. Bills expressed, “This has honestly been a challenging journey over the past seven years, but thanks to the ECDC program and all their support… I made it!” A single mother from Youngstown, Ohio who was determined to accomplish her number one goal and now owns her own home! Prayer Works!

Thanks to:

ECDC, Franklin County Economic Development and Planning Department,

PNC Foundation & PNC Bank

Sawyer Manor Community Center

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