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Housing Development

ECDC is first and foremost dedicated to revitalizing and strengthening our community’s infrastructure through the development of affordable housing. ECDC has worked to revitalize our community and has focused tremendous energy toward improving the quality of life for the residents by providing resources and tools that will change their lives for the greater good. ECDC is an establishment within the community, and our initiatives are to persistenly develop and improve neighborhoods by helping residents find safe, affordable, and decent housing while achieving educational and economic success. The foundation of our success has been our close ties to the community and our strong network of supporters and partners. ECDC play a critical role in the growth of our community, and are constantly working to: promote the east side of Columbus; create social capital and business networks that brings investments into our community; advance strategic community initiatives; encourage efforts that cultivate human development; developing decent affordable housing and instill a sense of pride and safety in the community. ECDC’s commitment of building a better community one block at a time is our goal.

East “RICH” IDA (Individual Development Accounts)

IDAs are savings accounts matched by public and private sources that are restricted to high return investment such as pursuing home ownership, starting a business or seeking a college education. These accounts are matched 2:1 for every $1 the participant saves $2 is matched for a total of $3,000 towards the purchase of that asset. This program is an income eligible program.

Financial Education and Development (Financial Fitness) 

This program will provide the skills needed to become financially independent before leaving the program. 20 hours of education and development training are provided by a certified educator, the curriculum is budget, savings, debt management, insurance, legal structure, credit worthiness, taxes, investment and consumer rights. During this training, participants are required to address any outstanding credit issues and begin to build great savings habits.

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