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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Individual Development Account (IDA)

Here at East Columbus Development Company, we like to spotlight success stories to show how effective our programs can be, so we would like to share the story of Mr. Joey Green. After being jobless and homeless, Joey Green was able to keep a positive attitude with his uncertain future. He had made his goals where he wanted to be in the future and little by little, he was getting there. After bouncing around from jobs and enrolling in social programs such as the job readiness program, he found out about a program that would change his life.

While being involved in a neighborhood block watch he found out about ECDC’s Individual Development Account (IDA). A program that allows participants to save up $1,000 and then get matched 2:1 in grant money, which brings them to a total of $3,000 to be applied to business, education or for first time home buyers. The IDA Program is an income eligible program, after meeting the guidelines participants are expected to attend classes on financial fitness, real estate advice and credit score improvement to complete the program.

Mr. Green enrolled and started attending classes but another obstacle arose when he lost his job during the program, which is part of the requirements to enroll. Being a man of many skilled trades, from starting a handyman network and working with MR/DD kids, he landed a position with a pharmaceutical company. He was able to complete the IDA program in 2012 and was eager to apply the funds to home ownership.

After viewing many houses, he came across a home he knew would be his the moment he entered. It is in a nice diverse neighborhood, which was important to him, and he would be the third owner of the home after buying it. The house is well kept with plenty of bedrooms a basement, plenty of yard space and other unique characteristics. Mr. Green radiates nothing but positivity so he is a great testament on how you can bounce back from life’s setbacks when you have the right kind of attitude. He has been living there for a year now and hopes his story can influence others going through similar difficulties. He currently resides there with his wife Gina who has shown him great support.

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