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Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N): Is an American Electric Power assistance program made available to residents of Franklin and surrounding counties. N2N is designed to assist AEP customers who are within the FPIG (Federal Poverty Income Guidelines). This program grants up to $500 towards the AEP accounts who have a status of disconnect. All applicants must be income eligible.


Resource Database: Searchable database used to research various community resources.

Enhanced Ohio Benefit Bank: The Ohio Benefit bank is an internet based, counselor assisted service that connects low-and moderate income families to tax credits and works supports as a response to the declining economic plight facing thousand of Ohioans. Some of the services that are provided are food stamp assistance,medical benefits,electronic tax filing child are subsidy, voter registration, RX Assistance, Employment for seniors and school meals. Applicants are prepared by trained and certified Ohio Benefit Bank counselors. This program is income based.

Senior Enrichment Program: To assist low-to-moderate income adults in obtaining their GED by participating in one-on-one tutoring in reading,math,science,writing and literature courses.While enhancing their ability to gain self-confidence,improve self-esteem and decrease frustations.Moreover,they participate in problem solving and alternative to inappropriate behaviors while building self-esteem and confidence.

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