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Updated: Feb 11, 2019


McQuetta Williams’ story cannot be summed up in an article. We only select the most remarkable stories and hers is certainly worth it. She was hit with an illness that led to her losing 3.5 units of blood; resulting in her becoming legally blind. She suffered from depression because she was not able to do every day normal activities such as shopping, cooking meals and cleaning. She still managed to enroll in school and attend while working a part time shift at night. Her desire to be a homeowner ignited and she went off to Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) to complete the homebuyers program to help with finance assistance. Though they didn’t have any funds for her, they guided her to East Columbus Development Company (ECDC).

She completed the Individual Development Account Program (IDA) at ECDC and she was ready to apply her grant money for first time home buyers. She brought both certificates from ECDC and MORPC to the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CHMA), got back in touch with a realtor she felt comfortable with from a year prior and she was on her way. She had 60 days to find a home through CMHA’s Choice Program, and although things got uncertain from obstacles, she found out she had a near perfect credit score. She ended up looking at four houses until she found the one she wanted. There was no need to look further, she spoke out loud, “that is my house” and the realtor prayed on it alongside her.

The house in now hers, she completed the IDA program and got the house the same year. The home is in a very recent built development with all the features she was looking for. McQuetta also got her B.S. degree with an emphasis on social work and business. She recently completed her magazine to help give back to the Dress For Success organization, and she wants people to know how much they helped her. The Magazine is called EnVision Proven Success and volunteers from many organizations came together to help complete the project. She has an aide that helps her with her daily tasks, and with all the passion it took for her to get to where she is today, she is even more devout in her faith that God has a hand in her life.

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