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The mission of East Columbus Development Company, Inc., (ECDC), is to revitalize communities through economic development, housing, health, and safety.


To transform communities through the involvement of partnerships to create a holistic approach through health, empowerment and financial assistance for all people.

Building Communities One Block at a Time

The East Columbus Development Company plays a critical role in the growth of our communities and is constantly working to:

  • Promote the east side of Columbus

  • Create social capital and business networks that bring investment into our community

  • Advance strategic community initiatives

  • Encourage efforts that cultivate human development and instill a sense of pride and safety in our community

East Columbus Development Company, Inc., (ECDC) Fundamentals of Volunteering

All tasks within East Columbus Development Company, Inc. (ECDC) relate to development at large. We look for ways to involve volunteers as part of our commitment in all aspects of our work. Therefore, we reserve certain tasks and roles specifically for volunteers.


  • We believe these roles are fundamental fo meeting our mission and are best done by volunteers.

  • We are committed to creating opportunities for the community to participate in, which offer feedback and endorse our work.

  • We desire to cultivate new professionals in career development opportunities.


ECDC welcomes volunteers in a variety of roles which includes leadership roles which directly supports our paid employees and assist with client services. The time and talents of our volunteers attribute to our commitment to both transparency and creating opportunities for community investment with our organization.

Volunteer With Us
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