HN Scattered Sites: 50 Unites TaxCredit
GreenWay Homeownership: Single Family Home
Wiley Estates: 7 Energy Efficient Single Family Homes
Canterbury Way: 46 units Tax Credits Multiple Family
Nazareth Towers: 208 Tax Credit Senior Housing
Barnett Plaza: 50 Tax Credit Senior Housing

Upcoming Projects:

1) R.I.C.H Program (Reaching Into Communities Holistically) a one on one effort to introduce change in the community by giving people/residents the tools to empower one’s self toward positive individual change, introduction of core knowledge and self sufficiency. The approach for this project is very SIMPLE (Sharing Ideas Making People Learn Everyday). ECDC’s R.I.C.H project is open to all people throughout Franklin County. Our housing development is geared to specific targeted neighborhoods located on the near/far east side of Columbus (43203, 43205, 43209, 43213, and 43227). Currently 6 properties have been identified for a total of 12 units for renovation.